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 +===== Announcements ===== 
-**Announcement:​** ​ 
-===== Media-Day 22nd of Nov. 2016 and lecture series winter term 2016/17 ===== 
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-**MEDIA AND CREDIBILITY** +On January 012017, the newly founded ​
-By the emergence of digital information and communication technologies new and multiple possibilities of mass distribution of verbaltextual and/or visual messages have developed.+
-Recipients are required to choose among various sources ​of information (e.g. blogstwitter, and established news media) and a huge amount of different portrayals, statements, and information. This can be viewed as a conflict between opportunity ​and overload.+==== Department ​of MediaSociety ​and Communication ====
-News providers themselves are very aware and make use of the possibility to immediately reach large audiences by only “one click”. Social media platforms allow for all sorts of campaigns, ​and never before have that many groups and movements been able to publicly convey such diverse ideas and opinions.+at the School ​of Social ​and Political Science started its research. Fourther informationtion can be found [[https://​www.uibk.ac.at/​medien-kommunikation/​index.html.en|here]].
-Beside the role of authenticity and new dimensions such as „infotainment” and „edutainment”,​ known questions ought to be asked about the limits of this plurality of opinion, about reliable sources, criteria in quality journalism, and the credibility of media in general.+</​WRAP>​
-Which authorities can be trusted and why? Which competences are required to help evaluate, assess and deal with the provided information?​ And what role does criticism play in this context?+<WRAP center round box 80%>
-Lecturers from various scientific backgrounds will discuss aspects ​of the topic. The “Medientag” ​(22nd of Nov2016is also part of the course.+From April 20-22, 2017, the centenary ​of Ernst von Glasersfeld is celebrated at the conference 
 +==== Radical Constructivism:​ Past, Present and Future ==== 
 +Several renowned media scholars ​(inter alia Achim Barsch, Manfred Fassler, Rainer Leschke and Siegfried JSchmidtare among the speakers. The conference program and further information is available [[http://​www.evg2017.net/​|here]].
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 +==== Media Day of the University of Innsbruck ====
 +will take place on November 21 this year. Details about the event will be released here in the course of the summer term.